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Create an international contact center for your business that’s affordable and scalable. Handle any call scenario with our advanced inbound routing.


24/7 Online Customer Support

Empower remote support and sales teams to collaborate in real-time and resolve complex issues. Virtual leaders can monitor call volumes and service attainment while keeping track of meaningful conversations.

  • Quick Access
  • Easily Manage
  • 7/24h Support
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Be Smart. Stay Smart. Back It Up.

Learn everything that happened in a call by using call recordings, post-call transcripts, and call-lifecycle information. Monitor agent performance and keep a pulse on your customer satisfaction with live dashboards.

Get back to doing what you do best – running your business and making money. And speaking of money, here’s the best part – we offer free call storage of upto 10GB.

Resources on-demand

Our contact centers don’t only focus on phone calls, but also on many solutions like omni-channel support. This means you can manage all communication from one platform, creating a seamless customer experience.

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Powerful Contact Center

Improve NPS, reduce cost, and increase efficiency with our cloud-based call center system
that meet your customer and employee needs.

Meaningful conversations.

While on call with the customer, you could look at their conversation history, or their ticket history with your call center. You can add notes and associate calls with new or existing contacts, with just a one click.

Smart automations.

Enhance your customer service by intelligently routing calls to the agents most qualified for each enquiry. Handle large volumes of transactions, create self-service IVR and automatically log all interactions within our dashboard for a seamless customer experience.

Interactive voice response (IVR).

Use our IVRs to route calls based on the choices made by the caller. Through these choices, you can determine if the caller wants to contact the billing department, the technical support team, or simply wants to talk to a human operator.

Recording and monitoring.

Call quality monitoring is more than just recording and monitoring random calls. To measure call quality, you'll want to monitor and analyze strategic customer service calls and scrutinize their efficiency and effectiveness, with a constant goal of converting every caller into a satisfied customer.


Integrate with our API which provides REST API for every event happening on the our platform such as calling, recording, transfering or reporting. Using these, you can integrate Call Center Studio to various other software.

Make the right call

Call conversations with customers are more complicated than other modes of communication because they require immediate response. There's no time to draft a reply. Our cloud based call center software can help you out.

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