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Stock control at its finest

Arm yourself with a powerful
inventory management software

Logixsaas will manage stock across multiple locations and warehouses flawlessly. Do you have multiple stores? Check inventory levels and easily transfer products from one warehouse to the next to avoid out-of-stocks and excess inventory.

multi-channel inventory management
e-commerce integration

Multi-channel inventory management

Integrates with the best ecommerce platforms including
Shopify and WooCommerce.

Selling online, on marketplaces and on social media? Logixsaas automatically adjusts your inventory levels, with zero manual effort on your part. You might have dozens of shops, each with their own ordering processes. Logixsaas makes things easier by serving as a central, cloud-based system, so you and your team can see what you’ve got.

Easily count your inventory

You never have to worry about how to do an inventory count

Whether you’re counting all your products in one sitting or cycle counting through your catalog, Vend has tools to help you track, record, and reconcile inventory quickly and accurately.

Max Conversion

Max Conversion