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A state-of the art order fulfillment solution

Professsional order fulfillment and
inventory management with Logixsaas.

Get started with an order fulfillment system for your small or medium business with Logixsaas. We help you to automate workflow, fulfill orders faster, and improve customer satisfaction.

multi-channel order management
e-commerce integration

Professional Dashboard

Analytics, charts
and insights

Have a quick overview ofl your orders in one dashboard. Filter orders by status i.e pending, confirmed, dispatched, returned or delivered.


You never have to worry about how to do an inventory count

Automatically convert an order into a packing slip in one click. The information is imported automatically and you can print or send an email to the customer email. Create rules to trigger sending SMSs and emails to your customer. Create custom reminders (eg. Get an email when stock is running low).

Max Conversion

Max Conversion